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 +[{{ ::​paag_palette_effect_color_cycling.gif|a) active cycle entry, b) swap operation, c) in-place cycle}}]
 +**Color Cycling** refers to a [[Palette Swap]] effect where one or more entries in a [[palette]] are sequentially swapped with an active entry from another (or the same) palette.
 +The active entry/index in the other palette is increased or decreased periodically and wraps around to the other end when it goes out of range: it "​cycles"​ across a range.
 +The cycle for indices 7,8,9,A in the example here could also be implemented in-place.
 +further reading:
 +  * [[wp>​Color_cycling|Color Cycling]]
 +  * [[http://​​demos/​canvascycle/​|HTML5 Color Cycling Demo]] - featuring art by Mark Ferrari and code by Joseph Huckaby
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