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 +[{{ :​paag_palette_swap.png|a) pixel definitions unchanged, pixels refer to the same indices before and after the swap\\ b) swap operation}}]
 +In [[wp>​Indexed_color|indexed images/​modes]],​ **palette swap** is a [[palette effect]] where the appearance of an image is changed by swapping one or more colors in the palette with other colors.
 +In the strict sense, palette swap refers to exactly that, changing palette entries to re-color an indexed image.
 +In a wider sense, regardless of technical hardware details or how the re-coloring of the art is actually being done, any change of the [[wp>​color scheme]] of a piece of art may also be called a palette swap.
 +A palette swap can be simple, as in the example here, where the swap simply re-colors parts of the image or it can be more advanced to store multiple images in a single indexed image (see also [[wp>​steganography]]) as demonstrated in the video linked below.
 +further reading/​viewing:​
 +  * [[ytb>​aMcJ1Jvtef0?​t=719|Advanced Palette Swap Demonstration]] by Mark Ferrari
 +  * [[wp>​Palette_swap|Palette Swap]]
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